Phoenix Drafts Anti-Discrimination Laws

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is attempting to revamp the city’s outdated human-rights protection laws by drafting an ordinance to outlaw discrimination against the LGBT community.

The gap in the current anti-discrimination laws was brought to light in February after a lesbian couple was told they had no “grounds for a lawsuit” against the manager of District American Kitchen & Wine Bar who had them removed from the premises after customers “saw them kiss.”

Currently, LGBT citizens in Phoenix are unable to file complaints with the Equal Opportunity Department for things such as housing, public accommodations, and employment. If the new ordinance is passed, it will remedy these shortcomings.

Of course, some resistance to the new law is expected, as City Councilman Tom Simplot anticipates some council members “may be reluctant to even discuss the issues at a public meeting.”

This is not Stanton’s first attempt to bring equality to Phoenix. Last month he appointed an openly gay Arizona teenager as a “youth and diversity liaison,” and he is a member of Mayors for the Freedom to Marry, “a bipartisan coalition of more than 200 mayors from across the U.S. who have publicly stated their support for marriage equality for LGBT citizens, and their intention to work toward that goal.”

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