Pray Away The Gay! Apr14

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Pray Away The Gay!

Once again Marcus Bachmann, husband to Rep. Michelle Bachmann, finds himself in a little bit of hot water for “reparative therapy,” aka attempting to pray away the gay. In the past, the operators of the Bachmann & Associates clinics have sworn that their agenda is not to change anyone with regards to sexual preference or orientation, but to make them “see the light.” However, a new undercover investigation reportedly says different.

Kristina Lapinsky, recently went undercover to a Bachmann & Associates therapy session with a camera pen to obtain footage for her upcoming documentary, Gay U.S.A.. Reportedly what she discovered is the quintessential definition of reparative therapy. In her meeting with counselor Sheila Marker, Lapinksy was asked to read scripture, told to “follow God’s road” and told that “the Bible says one man, one woman.”

The session ended in a prayer wherein Marker made a request to Jesus that Lapinksy’s urges cease. Sounds bulletproof. Lapinksy also told her counselor that she had romantic feelings for a woman and was not sexually attracted to her hypothetical husband to-be, whom she never slept with. The counselor’s sage advice was “How can you know how it will be until you try?”

This isn’t the first time that the Bachmann clinics have been probed. Last July, Truth Wins Out sent activist John Becker undercover with a hidden camera. At that time, Becker was told by a counselor that “some of his patients had been able to get rid of their homosexuality.”

While the Bachmanns have sworn that their goal is only to help and not alter people, the evidence presented by Lapinsky and Becker, seems to paint an entirely different picture. One that shows homosexuality as an exercisable affliction. Somebody call Father Merrin.

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