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Gay Snipers?

LGBT Issues – The North Carolina Family Policy Council (NCFPC), recently put out a controversial advertisement that suggests that LGBT couples are taking aim at marriage.

Apparently taking its cue from hunting magazines, NCFPC’s publication, Family North Carolina, published an image of a “traditionally-dressed bride and groom being targeted by an unseen [presumably gay] sniper,” to go along with the article “Marriage in Society’s Moral Crosshairs,” written by Jacqueline Schaffer, J.D..

According to Jeremy Hooper of, the NCFPC, is the “leading anti-equality group in the Tar Heel State,” and the image the organization is using is a tactic to scare “citizens into voting for the state’s proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

“Maybe it’s just me, but civil debates on marriage equality don’t necessarily encompass images of an assassin targeting newlyweds,” writes Alvin McEwen of LGBT Nation.

We can expect the anti-LGBT rhetoric to continue the closer we get to May 8, when constituents will vote on the amendment “which would restrict the state’s recognition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman and place more restrictions on civil unions and domestic partnerships.”

“From a biblical position, all I can do is state my position: I believe that homosexuality is a sin,” said Rev. Mark Harris, senior minister at Charlotte’s First Baptist Church. “That said, I don’t believe that that position is at the heart of this amendment. If homosexuals choose to maintain a relationship and live together, that’s their business. I don’t believe people should be discriminated against,” he added.

Still , the image of a heterosexual couple caught in the crosshairs is a bit ironic, considering that LGBT couples everywhere are the ones people take aim at on a daily basis.

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