Catholic Church Wants LGBT Celibacy Jan08

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Catholic Church Wants LGBT Celibacy

LGBT Issues – The Roman Catholic Church is at it again, and this time its aim is to keep the LGBT community celibate so that they can lead “moral and fulfilling lives.”

Earlier this week, reports emerged that the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Hartford Conn., announced that it would launch “Courage,” a local chapter of a national ministry, to support “men and women who struggle with homosexual tendencies and to motivate them to live chaste and fruitful lives in accordance with Catholic Church teachings.”

“Gay attraction is not the sin,” the ministry preaches, “only when one acts on those feelings is it immoral,” and according to Archdiocesan official Robert Pallotti, the ministry, “through support and spiritual intervention,” is designed to “help people with same-sex attraction lead moral and fulfilling lives.”

“It sends the message that other gays and lesbians are not moral and are not leading fulfilling lives, and that is not true,’”said Linda Estabrook, executive director of the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective.

The Catholic Church is “trying to have it both ways-keeping the same hostile interpretation of a small number of biblical passages while pretending they are not homophobic… I can’t tell you how many kids I work with who have been spiritually wounded by this and similar religious perspectives. In my opinion, that’s the abomination,” said Robin McHaelen, executive director of the Hartford LGBT youth group True Colors (yes, I love it too).

The church seems to be hell bent on taking down the LGBT community lately, with offending reports coming in on a daily basis, including its recent comparison of LGBTs to the KKK, and refusing to allow LGBT couples adopt children.

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