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Off-Shore Colonies?

Just Weird – California based Seasteading Institute has some cool new plans to create the worlds first off-shore colonies. These “floating cities” would be self-governing, self sustaining, and could one day be home to millions of people.

“There is no one kind of government for everyone. There is no one ideology for everyone and so if there was a new space to start governments we would see an ideal society for everyone. But there is no more land, however, seventy percent of the world’s surface is covered by ocean and it is unclaimed, it’s international waters. So the Seasteading Institute strives to create to new countries floating in international waters,” said Michael Keenan, president of the Seasteading Institute.

While plans to build cities on the ocean’s surface may seem far fetched, many wealthy donors are signing on to the project, including billionaire Peter Theil, founder of Paypal, who had donated 1.5 million dollars to the institute.

According to George Petrie, head of engineering at the institute, the designs for the first floating cities are modeled after “semi-submersible oil platforms” so that even in stormy and inhospitable conditions, there will be very little motion and residents will “hardly know that they are on a floating body.”

The cities will be powered by wind turbines, solar power, and other new technologies. In addition, the cities will be able to expnd by “linking together” modular parts “much like Lego pieces.”

“In a decade you will start to see custom built semisubmersible platforms resembling oil rigs and in a few decades – huge cities the size of Hong Kong with millions of people living in very diverse, very effective and efficient societies on the ocean,” said Keenan.

Keenan admits that his idea is “ambitious,” but believes that it is an idea that “will eventually offer millions of people the opportunity to choose a country that suits them best.”

Before you laugh consider this, everyone thought Steve Jobs was crazy until he changed the world.

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