Snow Globe? Jan30

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Snow Globe?

Just Weird – In what was surely quite the surprise for the office mail clerk, the U.N. headquarters building was recently sent 35 pounds of cocaine. In a fake U.N. pouch, no less.

CNN states that the package was received by the U.N.’s postal department on January 16. Inside the mock-up pouch was a collection of hollowed books filled with cocaine. Postal center employees were suspicious when they saw the bag, a cheap approximation of a U.N. package, marked with the U.N. seal but not the text or the lock found on the real packages.

Though the package contained no destination or return address, it is said to have come from Mexico City. As of yet, no one knows quite why.

Considering the unimaginable cost of 35 pounds of cocaine, some drug cartel lackey is probably dead right now, if not a few.

More can be read at CNN, Slate and the Wall Street Journal.