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The Kissenger

Just Weird – While it’s not quite as titillating as sexting, you can now send an arguably more intimate kind of personal message to someone with what is being called a “kiss messenger,” or, of course, “Kissenger.”

The Kissenger is a pair of robots, each “outfitted with an artificial pair of lips.” Mmmm, sexy. But that’s not to say it’s not going to give back like a one. In fact, “the lips are highly touch-sensitive, but can also be manipulated by motors inside the robot.” Silicone pads then transmit kiss information between machines. It looks like the head of a piggy-bank on a stick. (Seriously, it’s modeled after a charming little pig).

Lovotics, who is selling the Kissenger, suggests it could also be used for people to kiss virtual companions, thus making your Second Life even seedier or Call of Duty significantly more interesting.

For robot lovers and the truly open minded, this could be the beginning of an exciting new world of intimacy, but for many, it’s probably just a bit too weird.

In addition to the Kissenger, Lovotics has created a robot that can “love.” It looks like a fur cap/tribble with underbody lights. It’s kind of cute and kind of creepy, and I’m not sure I even want its love.

Read more at CBC News and explore your electronic side at Lovotics.

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