Dirty Valentine Feb14

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Dirty Valentine

Just Weird – If you live in New York City and are looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day present for that special someone, have no fear, the NYC sewage plant is offering tours! We’re not kidding.

The Newtown Wastewater treatment plant in Brooklyn told the Daily News that the tours will be “a unique date, and one that special someone will never forget.” And likely the last date you get–ever.

Apparently the plant hosts monthly tours, however in honor of Valentine’s Day, every visitor will get a “special candy treat.”

“Couples and singles and children and old folks – whoever shows up is welcome to a Hershey kiss,” said Jim Pynn, tour host and superintendent of the plant.

The highlight of the tour, according to Pynn, will be “the plant’s giant egg-shaped digesters, which break down the noxious waste into harmless sludge and gas.”

Well that and the look on your significant other’s face when he/she gets all dressed up to go to the sewage plant. Hopefully someone will have a camera.

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