Saving the Wounded

Human Rights – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been seeking an entry into Homs to evacuate the seriously wounded, women, children, sick civilians, and journalists from the combat ridden area. Negotiations have resumed today to secure safe access to the area after yesterday’s meetings “yielded no concrete results.”

According to Hicham Hassan, spokesman for the ICRC, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society (SARCS) was “able to carry out evacuations elsewhere in Syria, including other neighborhoods of Homs.”

“Until laast night, seven wounded persons were evacuated from Baba Amr, as well as 20 women and children, said Hassan.

The talks of evacuation come a day after Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Saud al-Faisal, was criticized by the state -run Al Thwara daily, for indicating that he “backed the idea of arming the rebels fighting President Bashar Assad’s regime,” claiming that the prince’s statements make Saudi Arabia “a direct partner in shedding more Syrian blood.”

“It’s shameful for the vocabulary of the Saudi speech to reach this level … and to announce so rudely support for terrorists,” Al Thawra, which reflects the government’s point of view, said.

However the Associated Press reports that Prince Saud told reporters in Tunisia that he thinks it’s “an excellent idea, [...] Because they [the rebels] have to defend themselves.”

Hassan indicated that the ICRC and SARCS will continue talks “with the Syrian Government and opposition forces” on Sunday to negotiate the evacuation of the innocent victims in Baba Amr, as well as attempting to get people out of Homs.

At least 89 people were killed on Saturday, mostly in Homs, and so far today activist groups are reporting another 29 deaths.

The U.N. has estimated that in 2011 alone 5,400 people have been killed in the uprising, and hundreds more in 2012. Activists are saying that the number of deaths is topping 7,300, however the figures cannot be confirmed independently.

To find out more about the evacuation attempts watch the video below.

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