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Out & Coming Home

Human Rights – The three American students, studying at the American University in Cairo, who were arrested earlier this week for allegedly throwing Molotov Cocktails during the Cairo protests, have been released.

Gregory Porter, 19, Luke Gates, 21, and Derrik Sweeney, 19, have been advised to return back to the U.S. immediately for “safety reasons,” which will, of course, cut their study abroad program short.

According to reports by the state-run Middle East News Agency, “the students denied they owned a backpack containing Molotov cocktails that was confiscated by police when the three were detained.”

Theodore Simon, Porter’s attorney, said “the Egyptian government had initially sought an additional 15-day detention following the interrogation and detention of the three young men.” However, after objections from a colleague of Simon’s in Egypt, “a court granted his request for release, and the prosecution agreed not to appeal the decision,” Simon said.

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