Tired Bull Nov12

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Tired Bull

Environmental Issues – A rodeo bull in Hawaii spent 20 hours with his head stuck in a giant tire and the owners hope that its plight will bring attention to the fact that people will think twice before using their land as a dumping ground.

The 800-pound bull, named Skywalker, couldn’t “eat or drink after he got his head lodged in the truck tire that someone dumped at the Triple L Ranch in Maui.”

“He was uncomfortable and it took all day to get him out,” ranch owner Paige De Ponte said.

No one could get near the understandably cranky bull until the Skywalker became so exhausted that a ranch worker, Kawika Monoa, managed to use a piece of wood to pry off the tire, which weighed more than fifty pounds.

De Ponte said, “Skywalker didn’t put up a fight and then went straight for the water trough after being released from the rubber ring.”

She added that she didn’t know how the tire wound up around Skywalker’s neck, but hoped that his ordeal would raise awareness about using the rural Kanaio area, in the upcountry region of the island, as a dumping ground.

“My message to the public is to please remember that Kanaio is a community where generations have lived and prospered. Our open-range ranch has been here for 50 years and never have we seen an event like this,” she said.

“I hope Skywalker’s unfortunate predicament was more of a godsend at a time when we need people to recognize this beautiful place as a treasure and that small farmers such as ourselves depend on the public to respect us and the land more than ever.”

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