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Stop Pumping Gas

An environmentally friendly vehicle, manufactured using 3D printing technology, equipped with electric motors, and capable of 200mpg, is now on display in Canada. 

Urbee, a car powered by a small, single-cylinder, ethanol-powered engine and supported by numerous electric motors, hopes to be in commercial production by 2014.

Generating only 8 horsepower, Urbee is capable of speeds between 60-70 mph. Although the engine and its’ amazing 200 mpg may sound like enough to make this vehicle an environmentally friendly car, there is more.

Urbee’s panels are created using 3D printing, which is a form of “additive manufacturing” where the parts are constructed essentially one molecule at a time.

This new form of manufacturing, also called “3D printing,” maximizes the usage of a raw material by building up layers with only the needed materials, instead of shaving and drilling down the raw materials to the final shape.

Jim Kor, the project leader for Urbee, stated that “[3D Printing] can do many materials, and [their] goal would be to use fully-recycled materials.” With the use of only recycled materials, Urbee stands a chance at not only being a green-machine on the road, but also an eater of recycled waste. 

With a few more updates through the course of Urbee’s commercial production, the manufacturer, Kor EcoLogic, is hoping to turn Urbee into the first “roadworthy car that could run on solely renewable energy.”

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Check out the amazing 3D printing at work
(video not directly related to the Urbee project):