Global Warming Real! Oct27

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Raquel Benson

is a Senior Contributor to TDA, a journalism student, humanist, and artist with issues of chronic imagination. She may be brash, but it stems from a deeper concern for the world around her.


Global Warming Real!

The Berkeley Earth Project (BEP), a U.S scientific group, has just produced more undeniable evidence of Global Warming.

While there has been little argument over the matter in the scientific world, the Berkeley Earth Project’s explicit purpose is to demystify the issue of Global Warming for the skeptics, i.e. “Climategate”(an organization whose headline literally reads “Anthropogenic Global Warming, history’s biggest scam”).

Through extensive methods of research, BEP derives its findings through one of its 39,000 temperature measurement stations worldwide. Their all-star scientific team (including this year’s Nobel Prize Winner, physicist Saul Perlmutter) was hand-picked by the University of California physics professor Richard Muller for the sole purpose of “mythbusting” Global Warming.

The funding for the Berkeley Earth Project came from a variety of different sources including charitable foundations belonging to the Koch brothers — yes, the billionaires who have been famous for lobbying against the idea of anthropogenic Global Warming. Bizarre.

The newfound evidence that the BEP discovered had unveiled its validity when it had been compared to studies performed by NOAA, NASA, and the CRU — The same exact temperature trends were present in a timeline chart that the BEP produced. The chart blatantly displayed a staggering up rise of temperatures from 1800 to 2011.

As the window for argument grows smaller, organizations like the Berkeley Earth Project take a leading initiative in proving Global Warming to the public. The BEP is posting their findings officially on the Berkeley website.

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