ZomBEES! Jan05

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Robert Slattery

is a writer living in Western North Carolina. He enjoys music and all sorts of other things.



Environmental Issues – A creepy ass thing is happening: a parasitic fly, known as Apocephalus borealis, is making all of our Walking Dead, Dead Alive, Dawn Of The Dead, etc etc quasi-nightmare fun-times a reality, but on a smaller scale.

As it turns out, the declining bee population the world has been experiencing for some years now is due to this parasite’s deposit of its eggs inside of the abdomens of bees, leaving larvae to wiggle through the guts and into the head, killing the host. The unnerving process causes the host bees to fly about as if mindless. More horrific still, they writhe, struggling to stand despite being, essentially, dead.

The sudden death of these bee colonies is known as “colony collapse disorder,” and while evidence of this parasitic fly’s influence has so far only been found in California and South Dakota, the ungodly happening could explain the global problem bees have had as of late. There is little understanding for now, though, of how this process is begun or how long it has been happening, despite the fact that bees were until recently among “the best understood insects in the world.”

If you haven’t yet written that cash-in zombie novel, get cracking; as news of this real life horror story spreads, a whole new wave of zombie creation myths are bound to fit this in somehow.

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