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A Better Brew?

Environment – As millions of fans prepare for the Super Bowl by buying beer, (and lots of it), not many people will stop and think about the pesticides that may come along with it.

According to Mother Nature Network (MNN), Americans consume 50 billion pints of beer each year, which translates to almost “6 billion pounds of grain” that breweries use to make the frothy, sudsy goodness. Unfortunately, the U.S. also uses “5.1 billion pounds of pesticides” every year, so it’s safe to assume that you just might be catching a healthy dose of un-welcomed chemicals along with your buzz. Ewww.

The good news is, many Americans are turning to organic options for a potentially safer beer. Sustainable breweries are gaining popularity throughout the U.S. due to their environmentally friendly brewing methods and use of organic materials. Not to mention that their hoppy concoctions are quite tasty.

“There are many companies that not only use organic ingredients, but also use ecologically sound practices in their manufacturing process” said Kimi Harris of MNN.

The Mother Nature Network complied a list of five organic beers, that may just be a better option for you Super Bowl Party.

  • Eel River Brewing Company: Not only does the company strive to make the best tasting beer, but it owns the first certified organic brewery and uses renewable energy.
  • Butte Creek Organic Beer: This small company has produced several awarding-winning beers. For example, the company’s organic pilsner won the 2006 Gold Medal German Style Pilsner award. This brand is still mostly found in Oregon, California, and Arizona, but if you are lucky to live in those states, keep a look out for it.
  • Bison Brewing: This brand’s descriptions make my mouth water. They have a hoppy IPA, a Honey Basil Ale, an Organic Chocolate Stout, and more! This company also uses sustainable practices and was listed as one of the top sustainable breweries.
  • Peak Organic Brewing Company: A Portland company with a wide variety of beers. This company buys local ingredients when possible, uses sustainable practices, and produces good beer. What more can you ask?
  • Lakefront Beer: With a wide selection of organic ales, lagers, and a gluten-free beer too, this company has something for everyone.

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