Crisis in Mauritania Mar13

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Crisis in Mauritania

Social Issues – Africa – Severe drought conditions and an influx of Malian refugees escaping the Touareg conflict has left Mauritania in dire condition, and the World Food Programme (WFP) Mauritania has launched two emergency operations, in an effort to get aid to the area.

The lack of rain-fall in the area last year has caused poor harvests and as a result hundreds of thousands of people have been left food insecure in the Sahel region. A recent assement showed that approximately 25% of households in Mauritania (approx 700,000 people) are in danger of not having enough food this year.

Areas that rely mostly on farming and livestock for their livliehoods, such as the Hodh Echargui, Guidhimakha, Gorgol, and Assaba regions are the most affected by the drought and they will face hard times this year. Also adding to the already tenious situation is the fact that food prices have skyrocketed throughout the region, leaving many wondering how they will survive this year.

In addition, the already short supply of food is being taxed by the influx of nearly 34,00 Malian refugees who have fled to Mauritania to escape the Touareg conflict.

WFP will implement an emergency plan to help in both of these areas, with assistance in the way of “food distributions, nutrition, cereal bank support, and cash transfers,” due to start in the coming weeks, and a 3-month operation that will deliver assistance to the vulnerable group of refugees who have entered the area.

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