Papers, Bitte? Nov22

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Raquel Benson

is a Senior Contributor to TDA, a journalism student, humanist, and artist with issues of chronic imagination. She may be brash, but it stems from a deeper concern for the world around her.


Papers, Bitte?

Civil Rights – Alabama has been hard at work “cracking down” on illegal immigration more than ever as a law that the state passed back in June has succeeded in punishing brown people. But the arrest of a non-Hispanic, German Mercedes-Benz executive might just prove that the state is just anti-not-from-Alabama.

The executive, a manager of the company, had been visiting the state on and off for business. When police stopped him, he was driving a rental car which had no tag. The unnamed man had his German I.D card, but he was ultimately taken into custody for violating the new law of driving without a proper I.D.

He was released after his colleague showed up at the clink carrying the man’s passport and various foreigner documents. The Associated Press reported that “someone in the same situation wouldn’t have been arrested before the law took effect.”

The new xenophobic law became official just this June as Alabama Governor Robert Bentley proudly called it, “the strongest immigration bill in the country.” But when Bentley heard about this particular arrest, he demanded “to get the details about what happened” –you know, no special interest here, just a routine check. Not because he’s a white businessman or anything.

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