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If there’s one way to get attention for your business, it’s by sparking controversy. Think PETA and their new porn campaign. One Canadian salon agrees, and has been running an advertisement for over a year which features a woman with a black eye, while a man hovers behind her with jewelry. We can assume it’s the “I’m sorry I beat the shit out of you” present.

Sarah Cameron, the owner of Fluid Salon in Edmonton responded to local residents’ claims that the advertisement “glamorizes domestic violence” by indicating that the ad is not “meant to target or attack anyone” and the point of the ad was “to spark controversy.” She added to this by suggesting that her salon has to tailor their ads because people are “too sensitive.”

I guess we can assume that their other ads had content that was much worse than this one, if that’s their take on it, right? Well no—not unless you count a woman pulling another out of a hearse, a naked woman bound with rope, two other naked women painting each other (?), and the presumably homeless woman sitting on an old mattress in what looks like a dirty alley with garbage lying about. (Are we sure this company is not owned by PETA?)

Well I guess if any company should make money by exploiting women it should be a salon. Because you know, you should look good while being exploited.

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