Vegan Children’s Book Sparks Controversy Apr26

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Vegan Children’s Book Sparks Controversy

Veganism sparks enough controversy on its own, but now, one driven mom, author, and vegan is promoting the lifestyle choice in a new way. Ruby Roth’s second children’s book Vegan is Love will be released this Tuesday.

The 29-year-old author/illustrator published her first kids’ book, That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, in 2009 to rave reviews from a number of veggie-focused blogs, to PETA, to the revered animal researcher Jane Goodall. Continuing the mission established in Roth’s first book, Vegan is Love explores clothing choices, animal testing, and entertainment, as well as eating habits in a way that’s accessible and understandable to seven-year-olds.

As Roth told ABC, “Instead of worrying or ‘occupying,’ I decided to write a book for a new generation who will need to think, eat, and treat the environment differently if we are to solve the most looming health and environmental issues. With vegan choices, we can affect every major industry and reach every corner of the world.”

Although critics claim that exposing kids to veganism in such a form simply brainwashes them and oversimplifies a controversial subject, Roth counters that the books are educational and self-empowering. Additionally, many nutritionists agree that when properly addressed, childhood veganism is not necessarily detrimental to their health.

Check it out when Vegan is Love comes out Tuesday via North Atlantic Books.

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