Nine Lives Oct21

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Melissa Dewberry

enjoys doing crossword puzzles, walking her cat and pondering ways to patch up the hole in the ozone layer.


Nine Lives

After surviving two euthanizing attempts, a Utah cat proved that she may in fact have nine lives.

When no one claimed Andrea, a black-and-white stray, she was sentenced to death at a Utah animal shelter. Andrea survived her first round in the gas chamber with ease, forcing the employee performing the procedure to try again.

Following the second attempt on her life, Andrea appeared lifeless and was placed in a freezer, with employees not realizing she had survived until the faint sound of a meow echoed from the feline’s icy mausoleum.

“They heard a meow,” said Janita Coombs of the Community Animal Welfare Society. “They heard a meow, again, louder.”

She added, “Though Andrea was visibly sick and weakened, she purred and rubbed against the employee who became determined to save her.”

Andrea’s executioner-turned-savior then handed her off to the Community Animal Welfare Society, which hopes to use her as a “spokescat” to raise awareness about the cruelties of euthanasia and specifically the use of gas chambers.

The nonprofit is also contemplating filing a suit against the animal shelter.

“The goal must be to change the thinking of governments that allow such mistreatment of animals,” the Community Animal Welfare Society stated, “they surely don’t deserve to be victims of such cruelty.”

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