How to Properly Head a Soccer Ball

With the growing popularity of soccer and more kids playing the game, it is important to learn how to properly head a soccer ball to not only to score a goal, but also to avoid a head injury.  Hitting the ball with the wrong part of your head or colliding with another player can result in a significant head injury and put you on the bench.  However, if done properly, a header can be used to put the ball in play on the field or to score a game winning goal during a corner kick.  To properly head a soccer ball, it is important to keep your eyes on the ball at all times, especially when it’s in the air.  By keeping your eyes on the ball, you will be able to judge where the ball is going and get into a better position to head it.  If you take your eyes off the ball, you can easily misjudge where it will be and miss it or injure yourself by hitting it incorrectly off your head.

When you are positioning yourself to head the ball, be sure to call out to teammates and let them know you are going after the ball.  This will help avoid a collision with a teammate that could result in a missed opportunity to score and cause a concussion.  Shout out “mine” or some other phrase to let your teammates know your intentions.  The best way to head a ball is to use your forehead.  The forehead is the thickest part of your skull and using it will help you control the ball better, as well as give your header more power.  Position yourself to push through the ball when you make contact with it.  This will help guide it to where you want it to go.